There have been many improvements in technology and design within the air conditioning industry over the last few years resulting in improved energy efficiency and running costs.  Sleek modern designs, improved reliability and low impact installation (usually in one day). 


EXAMPLE : Using Air Conditioning Systems as your heating system as well as your cooling system will save you money.  If you buy one kilowatt of electricity you receive one kilowatt of electric heating in return.  If you buy one kilowatt of electricity to run your air conditioning system you will get 3.50 kilowatts of heating, thus making Air Conditioning far cheaper to run than conventional electric heating.


If you currently use Gas Central Heating then the above figure would be 2.75 kilowatts, again showing that Air Conditioning is the most economical way of heating an area. 


The government has seen this opportunity to help the environment by reducing energy consumption and is willing to offer excellent tax concessions if you install Air Conditioning Systems are are able to provide heating as well as cooling.  Basically if you choose the right system the government will allow you to offset the whole of the cost of the project against your taxable profits immediately (Enchanced Capital Allowance).


V.A.T. at 5% for domestic customers may apply, dependent upon unit selection. Reduced V.A.T. and Enchanced Capital Allowance is dependent on the Tax Office policy and this changes on a regular basis, for the latest guidance visit  www.eca.uk/etl/homepage.asp


The cost of an air conditioning system is dependent to a great extent on the site conditions, a ducted unit being usually the most expensive and labour intensive, followed by a ceiling cassette, a flexi unit and the most economical being a wall mount at approximately half the cost.